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  • FAQ

    • Do you hold a credit licence?

      As a mortgage brokerage business, we hold a mortgage brokerage business license in the state of Florida.  Our NMLS number is 1626147.  Each mortgage loan originator has an individual NMLS license number. 

    • Will you charge a brokerage fee?

      We charge a modest brokerage fee to cover our costs and provide a financial incentive.  It may be paid separately by the borrower or by the lender when it is incorporated in the interest rate.  The former results in higher closing costs but a lower monthly payment, while the latter results in a lower closing cost, but a higher monthly payment.

    • Why should I use a mortgage broker?

      As independent mortgage brokers, we are offered lower interest rates than borrowers receive directly from a retail lender.  Interest rates include provision for such things as overhead and expenses.  The independent mortgage broker is more able to keep these under control.

    • How can we be sure that you will recommend a suitable loan?

      Our livelihood depends upon your satisfaction with our services.  As independent mortgage brokers, you are our boss.  We answer to you and not to an employer.

    • How does applying for a loan work?

      You can make an application for a loan through our secure website by clicking here.
      You will need to supply your name, primary phone number, email, and how you heard about us.

    • Do you choose particular banks to get a higher incentive?

      As in a previous section, our success depends upon your satisfaction.  You are our number one priority, not our pocket.  We work for a win-win for everyone.