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  • Veterans Affairs

  • The purpose of VA home loans is to permit Service members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses to become homeowners.  A major benefit of these home loans is that no down payment is required.

    We are honored to be able to offer VA loans for all allowable purposes- purchase, refinance, rehab, and cash out.

  • Purchasing a Home With a VA Loan

    Since a main feature of a VA loan is there is no down payment, a buyer might want to make a purchase offer with no earnest money deposit.  This puts the buyer at a disadvantage in favor of buyers that make offers with an earnest money deposit.  It may be advisable to make an offer with an earnest money deposit.  The earnest money will be applied to the buyer's closing costs and the remainder will be returned to the buyer.

    It is even better to obtain a pre-approval letter and include that with the offer.  This will make the offer more competitive with any competing offers.